Some keywords about me

June 2020 - September 2021

Digital Project Manager | Next MS
In charge of digital advertising revenue for a portfolio of Altice group publishers. Display / Video / Audio

October 2018 - June 2020

Media Trader | GoldenBees
I optimize advertising campaigns in order to improve a company's visibility or obtain a maximum number of qualified candidates. GoldenBees is a recruitment platform and allows you to target active or passive candidates on social networks, display or job engines.

March 2017 - October 2018

Technical Account Manager | Eulerian Technologies
I help our customers to integrate the Eulerian solution which collects data on the web for advertisers in order to manage their media campaigns.


Born in Maine et Loire, I studied in a college then private high school in Beaupréau (49) before going to Laval to obtain the DUT in Multimedia and Internet. I was able to develop my skills and deepen my studies with a DEES WebMaster that I obtained in Brest (29). I now have skills in everything to do with the Internet.


A great sports enthusiast, I love the spirit of competition and fair play that I try to transcribe in my daily life in order to grow. Having become a big fan of travelling since a road trip with an unknown woman in Brazil, I can't wait to go back to discover another culture and to enrich myself personal.

Next steps

Continue to work and develop my skills. I listen to the market in order to progress and share my knowledge. Meet and share good times with my family and go back on a road trip to discover everything around us.


07 76 57 32 28


33 avenue Laplace
94110 Arcueil